Block WordPress Spam with these 10 anti-spam plugins

Undoubtedly, nothing is exciting as seeing the growth of traffic to your site or blog. Many bloggers have experienced this, but it is never a pleasant moment when you realize that most of the 129 comments generated on your new post are fake or spam comments. What’s worse, unwelcome spammers could torpedo your SEO efforts thanks to publishing comments without your approval. It significantly reduces the amount of decent traffic you might generate. It’s an indication to readers that you aren’t paying attention to your website and comments. For this reason, alone, it is important to keep them at bay using the best in anti-spam plugins. Austin SEO Geeks Austin, TX shared with me this excellent list.

An excellent plugin features the following;

  • Zero client side actions, for example, asking genuine commenters to type unintelligible captcha images.
  • Disallow the spam comment from reaching the WordPress database.
  • Offer a straightforward registration process thanks to easy automation by bots.
  • Trackback validation by comparing client IP address and the address of the server.
  • Provide weekly and monthly statistics of detected spam.

Top 10 Best Anti-Spam Plugins

  1. Akismet – No list is complete without mentioning WordPress’ own spam plugin.  Akismet offers one of the enterprising levels of spam protection to your WordPress site, allowing users to install and activate it using an API key. It automatically uploads all comments to the Akismet server, take them through a serious of antispam algorithms, publish the correct comments and trash the rest.
  2. Stop Spammer – It prevents spam content, gives login checks, offers registrations to stop all fraudulent and illegal activities on your WordPress completely. It uses Honeypots to trace, catch and block spam comments.
  3. Antispam Bee – One of the trendiest anti-spam plugin, Antispam Bee allows trusted and appropriate comments for the blog. It also prevents comments, pings and tracks them to a spam database. After several days, blog owners clear the spam database.
  4. Clean Talk – It is a premium cloud-based plugin that blocks spam comments, bot signups, and trackbacks. Here, it uploads all submissions to its servers, takes them through multiple validations checks and move the approved comments for publishing and discard the spam comments.
  5. NIX Anti-Spam Light – It is one of the most preferred plugins by most bloggers, as it never bothers their servers or bug users with captcha. It is a JavaScript based plugin, has no complicated settings and can be used by a total newbie WordPress user.
  6. Wang Guard – It is one of the most comprehensive anti-spam plugins for any WordPress installation. It puts a high protective layer in any registration process that users intend to go through, warding off unwanted users and comments from your WordPress.
  7. WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam – It uses a double layer protecting service to defend your site, using a mixture of JavaScript and web cookies to block most automated spam bots. The second layer of protection uses an Algorithmic Anti-Spam Layer, to check the comments that had bypassed the first layer of protection.
  8. Spam Destroyer – It protects sites from automated comment bots to remain unobtrusive to only genuine and legitimate commenters. It is a simple to use the plugin, requires no settings; only install and play.
  9. WordPress Zero Spam – It is one of the free anti-spam plugins on the market, built based on a concept developed by Mozilla. It operates on the basis that even a simple comment must be typed from a web browser; mobile or desktop version. It employs a client-side comment validation to rule out spam bots from the comments.
  10. Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin – It is brilliant free plugin that adds a client side JavaScript powered check box to the website comment input field. It asks users to check if indeed they are a person or spam bot, allowing you to bring down spam amount down.

Cimarron Rising – A Tale of Engaged Security

Once upon A time, Not so long ago, Matt Sheridan worked for an organization that might not be too different from yours. Comments are welcome.

I was in the security office looking out over the cubicle farm, sorting out my meeting schedule for the rest of the  week when Al  Hern, who manages the guard staff,  exploded through the door,  ” Joel Stanley is going to kill Ted,” he gasped.

The HR manager’s office is just down the hall from mine so, it only took a few moments  to get there . It looked as if Al wasn’t exaggerating.  Joel Stanly, one of our computer assemblers, was leaning over Ted’s desk   His face was red as a beet and he was shouting, “You have no right to do this It wasn’t my fault.  The badge fell off because of the lousy clip. You won’t get away with this.”

Ted, who is a little guy with a Napoleon complex and a whiney voice, had pushed his chair back and was trying  unsuccessfully to back it right through the wall. His face was ashen and the fear was palpable.

It was obvious that something serious was going on because Joel was not normally a hothead. Yet, he had clearly been pushed beyond reason. “Joel,” I yelled, “whatever it is, hitting Ted is not going to make it any better.”

Joel stopped, frozen in position, then slowly looked toward me. With the moment broken, I saw a little of the tension drain from his face.

“Come with me, we will talk about it in my office, maybe I can help”

Joel slowly turned . I walked out of the office and he followed. All through this Ted hadn’t said a single word and he remained quiet now. If I had my wish, he would remain quiet forever. He was an irritant.

By the time we reached the security office, Joel was  a different man, his shoulders were sagging a little and his eyes held the look of defeat. We both sat down and Joel sat on the edge of his chair.

So Joel, “What set you off like this.”

“He fired me. He told me I had accumulated too many points this month and I had to go, as an example to the others.”

“Yes, but what happened today.

Joel leaned back a little, took a breath and started his story “When I got to work, I didn’t have my badge, the guard sent me home to get it. It turned out that it was on the floor in the kitchen. It fell off my shirt because the lousy clip. By the time I dove back, I was a few minutes late, with the points for that, I had too many and Ted called me in and fired me.”

I groaned internally, We have a point system to deal with our chronic attendance problems. I don’t like it because it is so impersonal but, it has cut down on the problem. Something was really wrong, In my opinion Joel was one of the best workers here.

I stared out my window as if I hoped something out there would make all this easier.

“Joel,” I asked, “How in the world did you accumulate that many points ?”

“Well, two weeks ago my son Bill fell during Gym class at school, the nurse thought he might have broken his wrist. They took him to the emergency room. It turned out to be nothing but I had to go pick him up and that counted as an unexcused absence.  A week earlier, I’d had a dental appointment – My dentist doesn’t work on Saturday’s, and today, I was late  because of the badge.”

“Was this an unusual month.” I asked, I already knew the answer but, I wanted to keep him talking to help him get it out of his system.

Joel visibly relaxed, “It sure was. I have worked here for five years, three of them, I got an award for not missing a single day.”

“What did Ted Say?”

He said, “The rules are the rules and if I made an exception for you they wouldn’t be rules, would they? That’s what set me off. He was so condescending and arrogant about it.”

” I lost it.” Joel gritted his teeth, “I don’t think I would have hit him with that paperweight, but his attitude, on top of getting fired, It was too much, especially from Ted. He takes more time off that my whole department combined and he gets away with it because he is in management. A few people here think that we need a union to stop this kind of crap, maybe they are right.”

“That’s something you need to decide for yourselves,” I said, “I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I will talk with a few people here and see of anything can be done but, remember, I run security, not your department, and not HR. The final decision is not mine. For now, you should go home. Anything you try to say today would only make things worse.”

I escorted Joel from security back to his work area. He took the few things he had there and I walked with  him to the lobby. “This is Wednesday,” I said. “Call me on Monday morning and I will let you know how I made out. Good luck.”

Fortunately, the rest of the day held no more surprises.

it was a typical hot June day  and traffic was heavy on the freeway.  As I drove home in stop and go traffic, I turned down the radio and thought about my problems at work.  As Security Manager for Cimarron Computers,  I was fighting a losing battle. Inventory shrinkage was up in spite of more guards and cameras, Poor morale was a way of life because of our increasing financial  losses and it took very little to set everyone at each others throats. Something had to give, But what? Me? A new job seemed more appealing every day.

Things got worse Thursday when I talked to Ted about Joel’s situation, He was adamant about Joel’s leaving. He even saw him as unstable and dangerous. Ted couldn’t even begin to understand that he was contributing the polarization between Management and the workers here. Monday, I will approach our CEO, Richard Engle, for all of the good it’s likely to do. He has been out of the office meeting with the board of directors for a couple of days –a bit odd.

Friday was the bombshell. I was in the cafeteria getting coffee from the vending machine when Al Hern walked up. “Have you heard the news, Dick Engle is out. I guess the Board is tired of the losses.” How did you hear that,” I asked.

Dick put his coins in the coffee machine and pushed the button.

Gayle Lyons, His assistant. She packed up her desk and left first thing this morning. The word is she didn’t want to work with the new CEO –I always thought there was more to their relationship than work–I guess this kind of proves it.”

“So who is the new CEO going to be?” Al took a sip of his coffee, “The name I heard was Jack Chapman. The story is that he was the CEO of some food company and he will be here on Monday morning. Until then its business as usual. We follow the mushroom theory of management.”

“What’s that,” I asked,” I’d heard it before but didn’t want to deprive Al of his moment.

Al smiled, “That’s where they keep us in the dark, feed us crap, and watch us grow.”

The rumor mill worked overtime all day but, only confirmed what I had heard. Information would have to wait for Monday. I was not looking forward to it. This job has just gone from really bad to worse.

As I came through the door, Lisa called out, “Someone named Jack Chapman called and wants you to call him back. I put his number on the refrigerator.”

“What does he want?” I asked.

“He said that he wanted to talk to you about security,” she said, “I told him you would be back about Six. You have time to call him before dinner if you’d like.

Lisa walked into the room with a smile on her face. “Dinner won’t be ready for a half hour,” she said.

Now, it’s not like my wife to try to prod me to do something like returning a phone call.

“Why do you want me to call him now, He’s probably a life insurance salesman, I had a hard day at the zoo  today, more changes are coming  and really don’t need any more aggravation today. I ‘ll call him after dinner”

Lisa said, “I heard about Dicks leaving from Brenda, who is a good friend of his assistant Gayle. I have heard some other rumors too. I think you might want to call.

“Ok, I think you are wrong, I doubt it is the same guy but, I will humor you and call.

I went to my home office which is really just a desk in the corner of the bedroom and picked up the phone.

A woman answered. “This is Matt Sheridan, returning a call from Jack Chapman, “May I speak with him?”

“Hello, I am Marie, Jack’s wife. He has been waiting for your call” she called him to the phone.

After a moment Jack came on. “Hello Matt, this is Jack Chapman, as you probably know I will be taking over as CEO next week and I wanted to discuss a few things with you.”

“Jack, no one has officially told us your name yet but, we know someone new would be taking over.”

Jack laughed. “I am not entirely surprised, poor communications have been at the root of a lot of the company’s problems. I’m sorry I caught you off guard.”

“That’s OK,” I said, I’m happy you are aware of some of the problems in advance. How can I help you.

“Matt,” he said, I have an enormous job ahead of me at Cimarron. I’m inheriting serious problems and  I want to hit the ground running  on Monday.  I will be meeting with a few key people  this weekend. Could you meet me for coffee at the Panera Bread over on East Road tomorrow at 10:00 for about an hour.”

“Sure, I said somewhat hesitantly, I’ll look forward to it.

When I arrived at Panera,  Jack seemed to recognize me. He got up from a table in the corner. We shook hands. “Matt” he said. Lets get you some coffee and then we can talk.

We walked to the counter, I ordered, then poured a cup. He paid, and we went to the table.” Matt:, he said, “I really appreciate your meeting me on your day off. If I didn’t think it was extremely important, I wouldn’t have asked. Before we get going, and before I poison your mind with my ideas, tell me what you think the problems at Cimarron are.

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Site News : Speed Issues and Permanent firewall blocks

Anyone who’s been trying to reach the Web or email servers for the past year-and-a-half is aware that we’ve been offline. Here’s why:

(This part is now historical.)
Our upstream ISP, SpiritOne, handles IP address assignments and technical issues; however, we have to rely on Verizon to provide the physical connection and raw bandwidth. Sometime in September, Verizon started a rollout of FIOS (a fiber-optic Internet connection service) to our area, which would be great, except they won’t allow us to continue using SpiritOne as our ISP if we switch to FIOS. At the time of the rollout, we had a stable and reliable connection at 300 Mbps downstream and 50 Mbps upstream. Within hours of the FIOS rollout announcement, that relationship became highly unstable and unreliable. After exhausting all technical support channels, we asked our ISP to reduce the speed to 150 Mbps down/50 Mbps up, and for a while that seemed to solve the stability and reliability problems, at the cost of speed.

However, within the past couple of weeks, the usable speed has gradually decayed, to the point that we are now getting a little over 100 MBps downstream, and between 10 and 12MBps upstream – and that upstream speed is what determines how fast you can get Web pages from our server. As a comparison, a typical modem can deliver 150 Mbps on a regular basis, so right now, we are paying for approximately 7 and a half times the speed we are getting. SpiritOne is unable to do anything about it because the problem is within Verizon’s physical network. Verizon, of course, denies that they have done anything to cause this issue, and refuses to try to fix it.

So, to solve the problem we are going to locate a small server in another facility which will handle relaying email for us, and convert our connection here to FIOS – and the promised speed, for half of what we are currently paying, is 1500 Mbps down and 60 Mbps up, or 16 times the speed we are now paying for, and 120 times the speed we are actually getting.

Please bear with us; this changeover will still require another couple of weeks. We expect it to be completed no later than the end of December, and hopefully before the 15th.

SpiritOne has apparently used small words to explain to Verizon that they are the problem. As of this morning, our line speed is closer to 350 MBps (we’re paying for 384 MBps , but at this point, I’m happy enough to be above 256).

The move will proceed on schedule.

Verizon installers have been around the outside of the house all day, running the fiber-optic line up to where the remark will be. We have an “appointment” (meaning: The installer may show up at any time in the 4-hour window from 8:30 AM 12:30 PM) for tomorrow to get the actual FiOS connection finished. Based on past performance, I expect chaos, and a complete loss of Internet connectivity for several hours.

Hopefully the final update. The FiOS was installed on 23 January. Incoming Web traffic was blocked by Verizon; we ordered an upgrade to “business class” service. That took place on 2 February. Unfortunately, Verizon decided to switch our DSL line from copper to fiber on 29 January, effectively putting us out of business. We had specifically told them *not* to do that, repeatedly and in minuscule words, so that even an idiot could have understood that it was a Bad Thing To Do. The “business class” service was turned on later the same day – but incoming Web traffic was still blocked. We then ordered another “upgrade” to “business class with static IP assignments.” That was finally done in the evening on 7 February. We have now had about 48 hours of connectivity on the new fibre-optic lines. The speed is obviously a lot faster, both on downloads from this site and uploads to it. Since there are no copper wires to corrode, nor to pick up interference from radio transmitters, electromagnetic pulses caused by nuclear wars, or whatever, stability should be excellent. Also, we have added a new UPS (“battery backup” to you non-geeks out there) to keep the server running through short power outages, and protect it from power line surges.

And we were only offline for a week and a half, thanks to Verizon’s malicious disruption of the service we were obtaining from a third party ISP, in competition with Verizon. I spoke to dozens of people at Verizon during that time, and of all of them, exactly two did what I thought was their best to help; “Jim” in the Beaverton/Tigard district, and his assistant(?), “Steve.” Thanks go out to those two guys, and to a tech in the California fiber operations center, whose name I didn’t write down; and a big, fat, wet raspberry to the rest of Verizon. May you experience the kind of “support” I got from you the next time your income is in peril. May you learn first-hand that “bait-and-switch” is a despicable marketing tactic.

The following countries have been permanently blocked at the firewall because of long-running malicious attacks, and a complete lack of legitimate traffic: